1056 Bryant  Avenue  Jackson, Michigan  49202   (517) 745-1265

Impact Youth Ministry :

Sunday School is every Sunday morning at 10:00.  We are studying how to keep anger under control.  We have been

having a great time.  Snacks,

stories, science experiments.

Spiritual Living

A great time in the Word,

for the hungry heart.

We are currently studying

Isaiah Chapter 22.

Thursdays at 8 pm.

No class March 16th or 23rd 


Note to Youth Ministry :

The fish did swim !!!!

We had a wonderful time on our

zoo trip !!!  We visited Potters Park Zoo, had lunch at Taco Bell and stopped for ice cream on the way home !!!


Women's And Men's Ministry 

The monthly meeting for March

will be held on Monday March 6th.

Hope to see everyone there !!!


Matthew 5:6

Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness
 for they
shall be filled.

House of Prayer Pentecostal Church of God

Sunday Studies !!!! 

Sunday School is a great time to learn.

You can never know so much that you

can't learn.   Current study is on

the Judges.   10:00 am every Sunday

"The Word"
Don't be absorbed by your situation!
Matthew 9:1-2
<G1909>  ep ee'
superimposed on the situation
be the added dominant !

Healthy Living Class - March 2017

We are studying how to put our healthy

boundaries back up, when we have let them


Sister Lorrae is leading this class and we

are asking ourselves some serious questions.

If you want to join in, it is always a good

time to start.    7:00 pm at the Library Table