House of Prayer Pentecostal Church of God

                                              1056 Bryant  Avenue  Jackson, Michigan  49202   (517) 745-1265


Women's And Men's Ministry 

The next monthly meeting

will be May 14, 2018.

Hope to see everyone there !!!


"The Word"
Don't be absorbed by your situation!
Matthew 9:1-2
<G1909>  ep ee'
superimposed on the situation
be the added dominant !

Hammer Club 

Meets every Thursday at 7 pm in the foyer,

at the library table.   This group is for the

person who is seriously seeking to live a

healthier, stronger, physical life.

Everyone is welcome to join us at anytime !!!

Sunday Studies !!!! 

Sunday School is a great time to learn.

You can never know so much that you

can't learn.     Classes for all ages !!

10:00 am every Sunday


Matthew 5:6

Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness
 for they
shall be filled.

   Impact Youth Ministry :

Sunday School is every Sunday morning at 10:00. 

  Snacks, stories,

science experiments.

Spiritual Living

A great time in the Word,

for the hungry heart.

We are currently studying

the powerful prophecy in

the book of Isaiah.

‚ÄčThursdays at 8 pm