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Devoted - very loving, loyal.  Give all or a large part

of one's time or resources to a person, activity or cause.

 ​Are we living a devoted to Christ life ?   He was 

devoted to us enough to die for us.    If we are 

falling short in this characteristic, it is time to step

​up our walk..  The practice of starting every single

day with Christ is rewarding beyond measure.  

Welcome to the Live It  page !!!!   

This page is dedicated to those who are seeking to not only "learn" but to

"Live" what we have learned from the Word of God.   We meet on most 

Thursdays at 8pm at the Library Table.   Be sure to check the calendar page

for exact times and dates each week.  Each month there will be a focus

topic that will be discussed and applied..   Topics may include health, prayer,

fasting, worship, study, meditating on the Word and any other thing people

might be interested in.   


Pastor Bonita's answer to the comment of:    but I don't like to exercise.

   The first thing to remember is that our bodies were made to move !!!     God created us for

    movement.   Just think of all the wonderful muscles, tendons, bones, and joints that we

    have been given.   God put thought into the design of our bodies.   He knew all the things

    that we would need to do.    In the age we live in, we spend way too much time seated in

    front of a screen.  That screen may be a phone, computer, tablet, or a television.

    Our bodies were not designed to just sit.   Exercise is important for our health in so many

    ways.   While you are seated at that computer, try doing a search on "benefits of

    exercise."    You will be amazed at all the good a simple walk everyday will do for you.

    We have to be willing to get up off the couch and do something to obtain health.

    How can we, with a right heart, ask God for health, if we aren't willing to take care of

    the body we have ?        Our bodies are important.   They are a God given blessing, that

    allows us to express our hearts and souls.     Celebration of life is really what exercise

    is.   Celebration and expression of the opportunity to live for Jesus another day.

    Exercise is part of our worship.   Today I am thanking God for the privilege of life !!!!